Dedicated IT-center
We will swiftly line up analytical, testing, designer and development teams

During our work we formed more than 380 multi technological teams that helped our clients to provide more services to their customers, to launch products on time, to ensure the stability of IT-systems.

The dedicated IT-center is suitable for you if you want to implement the product by specialists of the required technical profile, flexibly approach the development of the product and the team’s line up.

When you need this

Team enhancement
Usually, when enhancement is required, work on the project is already underway and it’s important to involve the team fast. Therefore, we form teams in a few days. In order for distributed teams to work well, we give the opportunity to get to know the team before the work starts.
Completing the existing system
Relevant for systems that were developed many years ago and had become obsolete. We help to update the systems and translate into new technologies. We know how important it is to maintain the working capacity of the existing system during the modernization. For these purposes, you can not do without testing and analytics teams.
Product development team
We select teams individually depending on the technical and industry characteristics of the product. It is important to remember that the creation of software is not only development, but also analytics and quality assurance.
For specific expertise
We speak the same language with customers from different industries, such as healthcare, finance, telecommunications, media, education, retail and construction. Each of our specialists has a unique experience that we can add to your project.
Alexey Florinsky Deputy director
Alexey Florinsky
Deputy director

“Dedicated teams are an effective way of long-term product development. In such a team, a microclimate is formed: a constant exchange of experience and a deepening of the expertise. As a result, the product is developed faster and better due to the permanent participants involved”.

We efficiently involve teams

we form a team within 24 hours after your request.
we have a meet and greet with the whole team and its team lead.
We settle legal issues and acquaint you with the personal manager of the team.
We connect to the accounting systems and repositories you use, and configure the environment.
We will coordinate the communication process and start fruitful work.
A dedicated manager ensures agreement compliance and changes in teams on demand.

What you get

Saving time
On the selection and adaptation of specialists. Within a few days we provide teams that are well-coordinated in the work, which are quickly mastered in your subject area.
Solving the variety of IT-tasks
Expertise in Java, C ++, .C # .NET, Go, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Swift; Manual and automated testing, usability and design allow you to flexibly change the line up of the team depending on the tasks assigned.
Saving money
A dedicated team is the semblance of your own remote IT department.
Monitoring results
Monitoring the process and the result in real time. You know the status of the work and can quickly get information from the personal manager.

For our client’s convenience we offer time and material cooperation scheme

MCFER group
Yulia Andreeva
Project manager of Action MCFER group

“When working on a web application for our dealers, SimbirSoft specialists quickly analyzed and prepared a detailed plan of the whole project, started implementation and demonstrated the finished frame in the first weeks of work. At the Annual Partnership Congress, where the presentation took place, we received a lot of positive feedback”.

Feel our care and discover success just like our clients do

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