The beginning of career
SimbirSoft is interested in talented and promising employees, that's why our doors are open for specialists without experience in IT, but with a great desire to receive it.
  • Are you a student of mathematics, physics or IT guy?
  • Your work is not related to IT, but programming is your hobby
  • Do you have experience working in another industry, but you decided to start from scratch in IT?

It is easy to start

Send us your CV. We can help you to determine your future position taking into consideration your character portrait and personality traits. Working in a leading company with an experienced mentor will help us quickly join our team.
Attend IT.Place courses. IT.Place - a professional platform for experience exchange and IT development. We conduct courses on popular technologies for software development and testing.
Perform a test task and learn the basics of software development yourself. We will give you feedback.
Take part in the summer intensive course. 6 days of workshops, 80 hours of team work on an exciting project that our experts supervise.
Become an intern and follow our experts lead!

Questions and Answers

I am a student. Is high school knowledge enough to work in SimbirSoft?
We have students in our company who combine their studies and work. As a rule, university knowledge isn’t enough or work. Universities provide an excellent theoretical basis, but we always advise in addition to lectures to participate in practical projects, programming olympics, in the Summer Intensive course . If sum up by to gain practical skills in development by all means. As for technology - it would be a good idea to deepen your knowledge by joining one of IT.Place courses.
How much will I earn during my internship in SimbirSoft?
Internship should be considered as training and the opportunity to apply your knowledge into practice, and not as a way to earn money, because you will receive valuable skills which can help you to find a job in the future successfully . Internship quite often becomes the beginning of a professional path for a young specialist.
What about my working hours?
You’ll have flexible work schedule


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